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Yeni Consuegra

Hello! My name is Yeni consuegra. I'm from the Dominican Republic and I have a beautiful family with my wife and three daughters. Singing has always been my passion. Praising my heavenly father was the reason why 30 years ago I made the decision to dedicate my talent to my dear savior and be part of his church. To give him praise and to let the world know about the good news of salvation and let the world know about his second coming. 

 Giving Him praise fills my spirit and humbles my heart. Singing is one of the ways we can reach out to different types of people and let them know about our Lord. That's why I give him praise.
I took a brake for a few years, but, since 2004, I joined Second Chance where the only objective is to preach the gospel and to remind us that God always gives us another chance.

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