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Zabdi Catedral

Zabdi was born in Barahona, Dominican Republic.  She sings the alto (contralto) and is a seventh-day Adventist from the 3rd generation. She’s a member is a member of the Tampa Spanish Adventist church. Her parents, Pr. Pedro Catedral and his wife started teaching her from a small age about the love to sing for Jesus. Enjoys spending time with husband and two handsome princes. Second Chance was an answered prayer. She felt the need to serve God in her new church but didn’t know-how. That same week she received an invitation to be part of the group and had been a member since then.

Appealing: If God has blessed you with a gift, use it for His honor and glory. Pray to Him and your questions will be answered. I hope our prayers with melody bless you and the people around you.

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